An extract from the book “THE SPLENDOUR OF THE HUMAN BEING” by Preciada Azancot
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Smell is the sense that puts our rage and the Vitaliser together. We could naively ask ourselves how it is that the Vitaliser in justice assigns the other five senses to the other structures and emotions, and keeps for itself, with the function of vitalising us, giving us energy, putting us in movement and action and imparting justice, such an apparently modest sense as that of smell. How can we receive the impulse of perceiving, feeling, sharing, assigning, reacting, denouncing, attacking, diluting, dissolving, vitalising, curing, eradicating, mobilising through the mere sense of smell?

MAT’s JUSTICE SYSTEM - Preciada Azancot

MAT’s JUSTICE SYSTEM – Preciada Azancot

The best thing to do is experience it first, then comment on it. We will start with these exercises:

1) Imagine, as in the previous exercises, that you have none of your senses and the only one you recover is smell. What do you feel? How do you perceive the world? What do you discover?
2) Imagine that you have your five other senses except for smell. What do you feel? How do you perceive the surroundings? How do you perceive yourself? What are you thinking of doing?
3) Do this exercise with a partner: smell your partner’s wrists, neck, face and head. What do you discover?
4) Next, and with the same partner, ask him to tell you things that are true and smell the same places as in the previous exercise. What changes did you find?
5) Next, and with the same partner, ask him to tell you a series of lies. What do you discover?
6) In a group: place a bandage over your eyes and ask your companions to approach you and place their wrist beneath your nose. When they do it, they are to tell you their name. Retain the smell. Next, changing the order in which they presented themselves, ask your companions to approach you again and, without saying anything, place their wrist under your nose. After smelling, you must try and identify each one of them by their smell. How many did you get right? Do you notice that people who normally use rage a lot have a better sense of smell?
7) Imagine that you are in a cell locked up with a companion. The person dies and you are there with his body. Days pass and the body decomposes. What do you feel? What do you intend to do?
8) Imagine that you attend a course and that a person of pleasant appearance sits next to you. You discover that his feet smell terrible. What do you feel? What do you do?
9) Imagine that you go to a restaurant and ask for your favourite fish. You discover when you go to try the first mouthful, a horrible smell of rotten fish. What do you do?

If you did these exercises well, you will have been able to perceive in each example that rage arose and its consequential reaction. When we have a refined sense of smell, we feel rage when faced with unpleasant odours and vitality and vigour in response to pleasant smells. A bad smell will make us draw back, in a movement of repulsion and rejection (disgust), all of which are an expression of shades of rage.
If the exercises were done well, and when one has a trained sense of smell, variations can be perceived in one’s own and another person’s smell when we lie or are lied to. For this reason, when a person is trained, he perceives liars and manipulators through their smell.
In the same way, the illnesses that are characteristic of bad administration of rage produce a characteristic bad smell. Such is the case of cancer (rage instead of love and love instead of rage) and of AIDS (rage instead of joy and joy instead of rage). This is not the case for example of pulmonary diseases (fear instead of love and love instead of fear).
The smell-rage-Vitaliser combination has its colour: RED. The vitalising and warming power or red is well known. It is a vital colour that renews and enlivens. It drives one to action. Anger, which is inflated rage, is a passion that leads us to want to see blood flow. When we become angry our skin reddens and blood rushes to our eyes.
When we have problems with expressing rage, it is beneficial and appropriate to dress or surround oneself in red.

We have also observed how persons who live with detestable, lying and manipulative people disconnect their sense of smell so as not to feel rage and separate themselves from them. Sometimes, a person with a very good sense of smell suddenly loses it. A good question would be: against who or what does he feel rage that he does not want to be aware of?
In common courtesy, rules of hygiene intervene, such as bathing every day and using deodorant, so as not to bother and irritate others. Smelling good is a question, not of good manners, but of justice, the Vitaliser’s function. If not, we expose ourselves to shameful expulsion. And deserved.
When we feel down or indecisive, the healthiest thing is to dress in red. When we want to reanimate or revitalise somebody who is depressed, it is suitable to make a gift of a red item of clothing. When, on the contrary, we are irritable and irascible, it is advisable above all to avoid red and choose blue.
A good meditation exercise, which gives very good results for curing the Vitaliser and rage, is the following:
Sit in a meditation position, and make a HEALING AND VITAL RED COLOURED ENERGY penetrate through your nose, trying to smell it. When you have it in your whole body, keep it there for two minutes. Condense it and make it denser a minute more in your stomach, liver, intestines and anus. Never place it intensely in your sex, contrarily to what the books of the chakras indicate, because you would invert the joy-rage axis.

The Splendour of the Human Being - Preciada Azancot

The Splendour of the Human Being – Preciada Azancot

An extract from the book “THE SPLENDOUR OF THE HUMAN BEING” by Preciada Azancot
©Preciada Azancot

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