The Splendour of the Human Being by Preciada Azancot: Serialized Book

The Splendour of the Human Being - Preciada Azancot

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Beyond the lies that bombard us – not just daily, but every second – and that we list below but without musing over them for they are merely coarse lies, we will show that there are ways out and at a reasonable price…


First, the lies:

Politicians, of any nature, along with intermediaries in general, who no longer represent us, for they are casts of classist origin, now guileless sects, which only pursue power and which have only one enemy: POTENCY wherever it may lie. Individually (silencing talents, vocations and creative and developing potentialities, transformers in short) and collectively (the people, in the broadest sense of the word, in other words, live forces and not party or corporate interests, which only pursue autonomy, solidarity, peace and truth).

Economics based on platitudes, avarice and cutbacks, like a caricature of the medieval peasant mind-set, only serves to create more fear, desolation and impotence. And power to the parasitic decision-making bodies, since that is the idea.

Ideologies (including religions) are dead. All of them. Fortunately, they have made way for the gestation of the new biological Humanism, in the image and likeness of the fulfilled and advanced human being who has no need for intermediaries to find and follow his deep individual spirituality, pacific and non-transferable. A foetus is not visible until born. And that is why we believe that only the same old clichéd death is possible. That’s not true. BIO-HUMANISM is already waiting at the gates.

Spain is not the worst off within that civilisation that is collapsing on a planetary scale. Spain is the REVEALER of a global situation, which no longer has any other option but to choose – with relief and gratitude – potency and Bio-Humanism as opposed to rancid and regressive power. The worst off in Europe is Germany, which once again is giving in to its compulsion to control our space, and our time, falling into its old habit of wanting to dominate the world. That economy of avarice and stockpiled cents at the expense of castrating creative and transforming pride in everyone, and that presents as the ideal the inextricable symbiosis of the most toxic (politicians, intermediaries, preferably bankers and multinationals) is the most pathetic and revolting at the same time as terrifying sight because it is sterilising, silencing, castrating, chauvinistic and dictatorial.

It is a lie that in the face of the overwhelming violence of those parasitic politicians and intermediaries, we must resort to violence. We must resort to POTENCY and its numerous expressions.


And now, the ways out:

We only have to feel fear, and even panic, about death in life, i.e. denial of the inner potency of every human being, for it is no news that a single individual human being can change the course of history and that it is entirely impossible to silence and annul the potency nesting inside each person. Imagine what the world would be like if instead of protesting and opposing violence with more violence, all the inhabitants of the world decided to spend a week at home, meditating about their dormant possibilities and dreams to be fulfilled.

We only have to feel sorrow about what is good, alive and sensitive that we could damage or allow to be damaged in us and in others. True growth involves striving to understand the objective causes of pain (illness, death, hunger, neglect) to learn about and teach about care. Imagine what a country would be like in which for another seven days, we only devoted ourselves to caring for, maintaining, developing and consoling everything that suffers in us and in our surroundings, devoting ourselves very specially to the generational bridge of the future, the one already established between grandparents and grandchildren. Imagine that programme, at the grandparents’ home, while parents meditate about how to care for and develop their own relationships as couples. The educational programme would make a quantum leap. And a defining one.

We only have to feel outrage against untruthful and repressive values, and only if we can offer in exchange, higher and more cultured values, capable of bringing about unanimity in every person of good will, in other words, impartial. When will we understand that finding culprits and scapegoats only serves to divert attention from the real lies, manipulations and inversions that we swallow every day? It only serves to degrade others and to degrade ourselves. Even those responsible for today’s crisis, deserve to be offered integrating and reinstated values and choices, once we have made them our own flesh and blood. Let us imagine that for another seven days we all devote ourselves to providing better values, solutions, impartiality and tolerance instead of shouting our heads off to see whether we can earn the dishonourable post of directing this madhouse that we have turned the world into. We could start on a domestic scale, within our neighbourhood association. That way, our culture would recover its right to citizenship. Because there would be citizens…

We only have to experience pride in the face of what is great, grown, talented and transforming. Everything else is vanity, pure pathetic ego, because it is hollow and competitive. Only admiration for what surpasses us gives us the status capable of recovering the essences of beauty, uncontaminated, transforming and mutating, civilising in short. Let us imagine one more week, devoted to creating something of our own, and in doing so a multitude of micro-enterprises based on the differential talent of vocational teams and on barter. A country as ingenious as ours could at least recover the pride of what it always was and never allowed itself to be in the light of day. Nobody needs anyone else if they have themselves with integrity and dignity, expressing themselves fearlessly in their work and in the construction of their own life.

We only have to love what is loveable, solidary, what gives itself generously to the best of itself and of others, without evaluating the potential result in a miserly fashion before committing. For there is no way of evaluating before committing, without holding back due to bad experiences of the past which deny the presumption of innocence in what is new. Imagine another seven days telling those we love and everyone who brought us something throughout our life, how much we love them, how grateful we are, and if we told ourselves how much that is valuable we have given and proffered throughout our lives. And at the same time, write a declaration of gratitude to all the great beings who are dead and who have allowed us, thanks to their generosity in sharing their work with us, to become what we are and what we have today.

We only have to feel joy in the face of what is Truth, wherever it may be and whoever states it, we only have to be joyful about Freedom. Freedom, that which is inalienable and which nothing and nobody can wrench from us, for we are free in our decisions and actions at each moment. And Truth is always light and freedom. It isn’t sought, it finds us and illuminates us when we simply place ourselves virginally, in a Garden of Eden, to receive it, be thankful for and celebrate it. Let us imagine another seven days entirely devoted to receiving truth, to finding in ourselves – since we are matter and not only physicists should wager on this – that “God particle”, self-creating, of light nesting and never sleeping inside each human being. That particle of freedom that guides and moves us and that is called the Spirit of Truth and Freedom.

Yes, there are ways out, in just 42 days, and not only for us. For everyone. We are on holiday, so why not travel to the most wonderful place in ourselves and in others: the one of Liberating Potency. Happy Holidays everyone, friends!


“The little girl who made God laugh” available for Kindle




Sole creator and owner : Preciada Azancot Medina

DNI: 50896785Q

Although Preciada Azancot’s discoveries have been registered as intellectual property since 11/11/1988 and continuously renewed to date, in addition to being published and explained in the more than 17 books she has written, we find it necessary (in view of the proliferation of plagiarists on the loose) to provide a summarised description of them here. Any imitation is not only illegal, but also lacks the scientific rigour and quality guarantee of MAT, which is unique, authentic and original, and offered only by its creator and her official collaborators whose CVs, qualifications and training in MAT can be found on this website .

A- Emotional and sensory engineering of the basic personality Structure made up of seven dimensions comprising:

1- THE  RECTOR: the functio of this structure is SAFETY. Driven by the emotion of authentic FEAR and connected to the sense of touch. It defines the Where of things and stops and erects barriers against threats to one’s own or others’ integrity. Its key word is “NO”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the adrenal glands and the organs it has most influence on are: the immune system, kidneys, skin, adrenal glands, neck, the reptilian brain, and the sense of touch.

2- THE PROTECTOR: whose function is BELONGING. It is nourished by the emotion of authentic LOVE and is connected to the sense of sight. It defines the When of things, evaluates alliances and gives itself to networks of solidarity. Its key word is “YES”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the hypophysis and the organs it most affects are: the hypophysis, heart, lungs, eyes, face, and eyesight .

3- THE VITALISER: the function of this structure is JUSTICE. It is nourished by the emotion of authentic RAGE and is connected to the sense of smell. It defines the How of things and perceives lies, aggressions, and manipulations, reacting healthily in response. Its key words are “Like this”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the liver and the organs it most influences are: the liver, the entire digestive system, and the sense of smell.

 4- THE TRANSFORMER: the function of this structure is transforming CREATION and personal growth. Nourished by the emotion of authentic PRIDE and connected to the sense of taste. It defines the Why of things and its key word is “Be”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the parathyroid glands and the organs it most influences are: the bones, vocal cords and voice, body weight, parathyroid and salivary glands.

5- THE ORIENTER: whose function is PLENITUDE. Nourished by the emotion of authentic JOY and connected to the sense of sex. It finds the meaning of life and its finality. It defines the What for of things to provide guidance towards truth in freedom. Its key word is “Here”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the pancreas and the sex glands and the organs it most affects are: the reproductive system, psyche, pancreatic gland, sense of direction, right hand side of the brain and sexuality.

6- THE SYNTHESISER: this structure’s function is DEVELOPMENT. Nourished by the emotion of authentic SADNESS it is connected to the sense of hearing. It is the guarantor of intelligence and mental clarity. It defines and searches for that which is useful in things in order to care for what is alive and dispose of what is useless. Its key word is “What”. It governs the neuroendocrine system of the thyroids and the organs it most affects are: the circulatory and lymphatic system, ears, left side of the brain and coordination with the right side of the brain, the thyroid gland and the sense of hearing.

7- THE CENTRE: the function of this structure is the INTEGRAL EVOLUTION of the species. It must remain free of myths, archetypes, magic, clichés and superstitions that it can receive from all the structures. To clear this Centre of any presence and emotion is the guarantor of the harmony, cleanliness, innocence, authenticity, quality and purity of the entire structure to allow new dimensions and structures to be acquired in the course of the evolution of the species. Its key word is “You”.

B- MAT’s definition of the authentic emotions: The authentic emotions are the only energies appropriate for nourishing the structures. For an emotion to be considered authentic, it must not only respond to the stimulus that provokes it, but also comply with its definition according to MAT. These definitions are as follows:

– FEAR: is the capacity to perceive threats to one’s own or another’s integrity and to remove the associated risk. It nourishes the Rector.

– SADNESS: is the innate capacity for perceiving potential temporary or definitive losses of something alive in oneself or in one’s surroundings and to search for options and solutions. It nourishes the Synthesiser.

– RAGE: is the innate capacity to react against lies, aggressions and manipulations and to denounce them, offering fairer values. It nourishes the Vitaliser.

-PRIDE: is the capacity to admire, transform, innovate, create, grown and make grow in consecration of an objective status and dignity. It nourishes the Transformer.

 -LOVE: is the innate capacity to give oneself and to give others a safe space where each can be what they were born to be, in plenitude (in other words, where one can not only preserve what is left, but also recover what has been lost along the way). It nourishes the Protector.

– JOY: is the capacity to flow in freedom and peace and thereby, find more truth. It is also the relief of disposing of dead weights. It nourishes the Orienter.

C- Personality typologies: MAT finds six innate personality typologies which are the result of the emotional engineering of the foetus in response to the mother during gestation. The seventh typology is not innate but rather elected by the child as a result of insisting on placing his ego in the Centre. Each typology is defined by its characterising specific emotional equation, not only in terms of visible physical features, but also in terms of its perception of the world and of itself. The typological equation requires a dominant emotion -or Skill, inflated, magnified and observable – which mobilises only 20% of the person’s useful potential; a disconnected emotion – or virtual, differential Talent – which mobilises only 40% of the potential; and a prohibited or taboo emotion – or virtual Vocation – which mobilises 80% of the potential. As a result, the typology is viewed as a prison that places us with our backs to our true selves giving us the sensation of being subjected to Fate by identifying with a precise mythological archetype. The typological equation also includes the most solid “originary emotions”, which are not usually favoured while our skill is inflated, our talent disconnected and our vocation self-prohibited.

– THE REACTIVATOR: inflated skill: Love; disconnected talent: Fear; prohibited vocation: Joy. Originary emotions: Pride and Sadness. Archetype: Orpheus.

– THE PROMOTER: inflated skill: Joy; disconnected talent: Love; prohibited vocation: Fear. Originary emotions: Sadness and Pride. Archetype: Mercury.

– THE FORTIFIER: inflated skill: Fear; disconnected talent: Rage; prohibited vocation: Sadness. Originary emotions: Joy, Pride and Love. Archetype: Achilles.

– THE CONSTRUCTOR: inflated skill: Sadness; disconnected talent: Pride; prohibited vocation: Rage. Originary emotions: Love and Joy. Archetype: Sisyphus.

– THE REVEALER: inflated skill: Rage; disconnected talent: Sadness; prohibited vocation: Pride. Originary emotions: Joy and Love. Archetype: Prometheus.

– THE LEGISLATOR: inflated skill: Pride; disconnected talent: Joy; prohibited vocation: Love. Originary emotion: Sadness. Archetype: Atlas.

– SOCIOPATHS: typologies that are not innate, and are consciously chosen. To achieve this, “you” does not exist, just rampant egomania. They choose to disconnect increasingly important MEGASTRUCTURES. MAT reveals that there are ten types of sociopaths. These are, in increasing order of harmfulness: the Magnetiser, the Assassin, the Satanist, the Usurper, the Mocker, the Accuser, the Betrayer, the Executioner, the Denier and the Destroyer. The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that the latter wants blood on his hands and the former prefers to destroy others emotionally. Psychopathy is an aggravated state of sociopathy.


MAT has discovered structures, which are equally inate because of foetal origin, more complex and potent than the basic personality structures and which, once the original talent and vocation have been recovered, are gradually discovered and integrated and in this precise order, giving us an unequalled potency to transform. Although they may be studied and learned, they can only be integrated in this precise order, as part of a process of integral, objective, observable and safe growth. These Megastructures are:

1- THE OMEGA SEQUENCE: to accumulate energy and solidity in the conquest of growth, one must, starting from the reconquered vocational emotion, move on to the next emotion in the sequence and so on successively until concluding back in the vocational emotion, but quantically enhanced. The matrix sequence is, in this order: Fear, Sadness, Rage, Pride, Love, Joy, Fear (quantically enhanced safety).

2- THE THREE AXES: These are the master beams that sustain our basic structure. There are three axes in ascending order of importance, which support each other and since the first sustains the second and the second sustains the third, they must also be conquered in sequence. These are: LOVE-SADNESS or the axis of what is AVAILABLE, this is the axis of vocational Masters; the PRIDE-FEAR axis or axis of what EXISTS and which is inherent to vocational Mentors; and the Joy-Rage axis or axis of what is PRESENT and which is inherent to vocational Analysts. The collapse of one axis produces a “charismatic” psychosis which disorients our internal compass and confuses us with the Archetype that governs our typology, causing us to act it out deliriously.

3- THE ORIGINAL INNER STAR: These are the internal feminine dimensions (Fear-Rage-Love triangle) and masculine dimensions (Sadness-Pride-Joy triangle) which have been unified and reconciled. This is characteristic of geniuses and great Civilisers.

4- THE UNIFYING RADIUS: this is the Megastructure that converts us into authentic Pacifiers of Humanity. Its sequence is: fear-centre-sadness-centre-rage-centre-pride-centre-love-centre-joy-centre-achieved harmony.

5- THE CENTERING RAYS: this is the Megastructure that allows us to become Full Partners of Humanity and involves internally marrying our female dimension and our male dimension.

6- THE MUTANT ALLOY RING: This megastructure prepares us for acquiring further dimensions in addition to the seven basic ones and condenses potency to trigger it better with a view to leaping towards more dimensions. The sequence is joy-love-fear-sadness-rage-pride-joy (gratitude).

7- THE SIX MUTANT BRIDGES ABOVE THE CENTRE: there are six bridges above the emptiness of the Centre which serve to grant us Serenity (original Fear-Pride), Temperance (original Sadness-Love), Equanimity (original Rage-Joy), Sovereignty (original Pride-Fear), Benevolence (original Love-Sadness) and Wisdom (original Joy-Rage) and help to change the course of history towards a greater and more pacific EVOLUTION, giving humble and firm testimony of the measure of what is humanly possible.

8- THE MUTANT CROWN: Serves to form authentic Kings whose attributes listed above bestow a multiplying potency that helps Creation to make an unprecedented evolutionary leap and to build the exemplary and recognised leadership of the best, in safety for everyone. Its sequence is joy-love-pride-rage-sadness-fear, all original and quintessential.

E- Definitions of Skill, Talent and Vocation

Given that the words SKILL, TALENT and VOCATION are given different meanings depending on who’s using them, here are the definitions according to MAT:

1.- SKILL: Our major system of innate abilities (for example being affectionate and available or intelligent and methodical or rigorous and serviceable or respectful and discrete or joyful and entrepreneurial or vital and just) which we confuse with our profound nature and with our own being. When this skill of ours is recognised by others we feel completely fulfilled and grateful towards the world. When it is disqualified by others, we feel as though our foundations and our reason for being have been taken away. For this reason, our skill becomes our Achilles’ heel, because it convinces us that our worth is dependant on the judgment and attitude of others, giving us an archetypal and magical vision of human nature. It mobilises just 20% of our innate energy – in other words, the energy we brought with us when we entered this world as one-day old newborns. In a study of more than 120,000 cases, 70% of people are only familiar with and operate with their skill.

2.- TALENT: This is the system of capacities (same examples as in point 1) that makes us really unique and creative, and that allows us to transform into what we were truly born to be and to transform our surroundings. Whent this talent is not assumed we become envious and bitter when we see it acted out by others and we make the world sit exams to see whether it is worthy of us acting it out. When it is assumed and acted out (with MAT, in just 30 hours of classroom setting study) we acquire our own foundations on which to act out with pride and humility our differential selves and become the leaders of our own lives as well as authentic and talented creators. The talent, once recovered, mobilises 40% of our innate energy. Only 15% of people belong to this category.

 3.- VOCATION: Radically opposite to Mission -a concept of people who only know and work with their skill – which makes us feel “called upon” to justify our existence, heading us competitively towards a “cause” with ideological, magical or religious connotations in a competitive world seen as a jungle where there must always be (provisional) winners and (humiliated) losers. The true vocation is the one that brings us the pacific, tranquil, joyful and  natural self-revelation of our preferred system of capacities which allows us to acquire an authentic conviction of finality in the world. It is the one that makes us safe, clear, just, humble, solidary, pacific and serene. The vocation awakens the clear and true spirituality of the human being who sees himself in constant evolution and, without seeking it, manages to make his life and work open a highway towards the measure of what is possible for those fortunate to live with him or follow him . The vocation mobilises 80% of our innate energy and although just 2% of the population has a glimpse of it, just one person in a million is in a position to assume and manage it. With MAT, in 150 hours of study in a classroom setting, it becomes possible to belong to this category.



F- Definitions of the MAT scale of motivations

All too often we confuse motivations, needs, requirements, aspirations and interests, as if these words were all synonyms without a hierarchy of relative importance.

Any AUTHENTIC motivation refers to an imperative, the satisfaction of which is sometimes indispensable or at least necessary for life, in other words, it is part of basic safety and development .

There are numerous motivational theories, the most well-known being Maslow’s which merely photographs current society’s disarray, as we are showing and – I hope –  demonstrating. We place in front of it our Omega Theory of the real and universal human motivational scale, in terms of the chronological and cumulative needs of a human life. I believe its time to distinguish between and provide a hierarchy of these needs. As always, I suggest clear definitions to begin with, and these are my proposals:

REQUISITE: is a RIGHT, for example breathing or eating or being sheltered or cared for, the denial or deprivation of which is a crime and which I would define as the “obligation to provide and preserve a constituent and inseparable element of something live or created”.  This constitutes a NATURAL RIGHT and is what concerns us in this category.

NEED: which is to “recognise and act out a PRIVILEGE related to the relative and objective status, stature and importance of the person or creation”. In our application to human life, the most important Need would come just after respecting and caring for the skill (since this would pass into the category of Requisite), to admire and learn from the talent. The talent is what makes us different, charming and unique.

MOTIVATION: which is “an IMPULSE and desire for change, plenitude, completeness, a driver towards evolution ON THE BASIS OF SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY REAL AND OBJECTIVE”. The vocation, which is hte emotion and its associated system of innate faculties, is the most sacred in the human being, what gives him the certainty of his own finality and the universe’s, what gives him plenitude.

INTEREST: which I define as “awakened CURIOSITY that can produce an incentive towards motivation”. And it is the one awakened by those I qualify as the “originary emotions” of the human being: These are authentic emotions and behaviours, full of “exemplarity” and which are none of the emotions described previously. They are the strong part, unmoveable rock and paradigm of hte person’s INTEGRAL HEALTH.

Video about SAFETY, from the book ‘Yes I’m outraged! Now what?’, written by Preciada Aznacot and Antonio Galvez

Yes, I am outraged, now what?

An unstoppable movement of outrage is shaking the World. This is no longer a surmountable crisis, but the collapse of a civilisation with outdated values that have given rise, among many other things, to the obscene enrichment of a small minority at the expense of the vast majority, the systematic violation of Human Rights, a discredited political class, an incomprehensible Justice system which fails to punish unscrupulous speculators who lead millions of families to ruin, and the increasingly irreversible deterioration of our planet.

But outrage isn’t enough. It’s time to debate and propose new values and institutions for building a BIO-DEMOCRACY and a new philosophy of life aiming for a new BIO-HUMANISM, a place for everyone – Man and Nature – where respect, sensitivity, care, justice, admiration, commitment and happiness can be the normal standard.

This book proposes solutions for the challenges that lie ahead, in the form of a dialogue between the planet Earth, which while having suffered the devastating action of mankind remains his home, and the People, understood as being the most advanced, aware, alive, outraged, committed and true of the human race, irrespective of the ideology, origin, creed, race, social status or age of its members.

If you would like to read the book free of charge, please click here.

If you would like to purchase the printed version, please click here.

MAT’s founder, Preciada Azancot, chooses the Costa Blanca as her place of residence

Preciada Azancot tells us how her childhood and adolescence were spent in the international Tangiers of its day and that when she came to Jávea, she fell in love with its bay, its colonies of well-integrated foreign residents, and its warm people, its beneficial micro-climate guarded by the Montgó, with our coast, “the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean, the Costa Blanca”, and that she felt carried back to her childhood. So, without thinking twice, she decided to draw a life cycle to an end, installing herself in front of “the sea of her lifetime” and leaving Madrid, where she had been living for the last twenty five years, the same age as her star creation MAT (the Metamodel of the Analysis of Transformation, www.mat21.net).

Despite living by the sea, in an apartment which resembles the prow of a boat, Preciada Azancot has not ceased to maintain her productive activity which astounds all of us who know her, as she does so every day with more serenity and temperance. In the few months that she has been living among us she has already held a conference at the Casa de Cultura in Javea –on “success in times of crisis”-, organised a successful seminar on “emotional and sensory engineering to discover the differential skills, talents and vocations of each human being” at the Hotel El Rodat, held a workshop for about thirty entrepreneurs organised by FUNDEUN, a wonderful organisation that builds bridges and brings together the latest university innovations and the business community of Alicante, presented a weekly radio and television programme through Amvitradio.com, and in particular, given a conference and chaired a debate, hosted and organised by the Pfizer pharmaceutical laboratories in Zaragoza, on “new emotional behaviour patterns that favour high risk diseases and their treatment with MAT”, to two hundred doctors and dozens of pharmacists, with tremendous impact and acceptance among health professionals who described Mat as a “new paradigm” in the integral understanding and treatment of the human being. They defined MAT as “prestigious, innovative and ground-breaking but equally clear and accessible”.

On top of all of the above, Preciada Azancot attends to many other projects: finishing her book on MAT and health, reflecting the result of years of MAT research at the Hospital de la Princesa in Madrid (as we already know, she has eighteen books on MAT published and available through Amazon), writing another book on the “golden age and the diamond age” regarding the immense potential and value of the third and fourth age, organising Master seminars on MAT in Jávea for integral leaders of their own lives, and continuing to give advanced training to her two groups of students from Madrid, teaching specialised seminars to doctors in Zaragoza and soon Valencia and Alicante, participating in the foundation of a group of “Innovative Entrepreneurs” in collaboration with FUNDEUN in Alicante, painting “a musical series on the sea”  to complete the marvellous series of 40 portraits of composers, which currently illustrate famous catalogues and prestigious international concert programmes (www.preciada-azancot.net), giving conferences at the Chambers of Commerce of Denia, Alicante and Valencia regarding management of the talent and vocation, without forgetting her monthly visit to Madrid to train new MAT Teachers and manage her company MAT21 in collaboration with her dear partners. Next September, she also aims to found a cultural salon on the Values of the Third Millennium. Tiring activity? “Not at all, very relaxed, since I am totally free and available most of my time, in reality I am almost still and that is what MAT does for you” Preciada replies convincingly.


Director: José Carrasco.

Potency in the face of the crisis



By Preciada Azancot

The current global economic crisis that has spread across the entire planet is not, contrary to what most politicians tell us, transitory. It will not only fail to pass or abate in the next seven years, rather it will deepen. And we may consider it to be the most severe and profound crisis to have occurred in the last two centuries, since it corresponds to the definitive collapse of the socio-political and economic system that has governed the developed world for these last two hundred years.

Indeed, following the collapse of the communist system and its lukewarm social aspirations, that revealed their ineffectiveness but that corresponded to human beings’ legitimate philosophies and needs, we are now witnessing the collapse of the liberal and capitalist system as a whole. And this is due to the most legitimate and inevitable of desires of the human being of the third millennium: to build a NEW HUMANISM at least as, if not more, profound than that the Renaissance was in its day. It is reasonable to say that this collapse of a decayed, unfair and outdated system, although it made very notable conquests is, despite being traumatic and painful, healthy and beneficial. The challenge lies in finding solutions and options that invoke the greatest possible unanimity, that do not cause unnecessary victims – and all victims are unnecessary – and that provide a revolutionary although pacific flourishing of the planet’s values, institutions and cultures. And we sincerely believe that MAT (www.mat21.net), science of the 21st Century Leader offers them. Generously, and for everyone.

The human being of the third millennium, and the society that he builds, needs safety, not limited to basic material needs,  but rather to what is essential, in other words extending to self-knowledge and to the ability to diagnose the toxicity of others who could represent a threat to his integrity. He needs development, extending to the nourishing multiplication of options centred on the free motivation to recover the skills, talents and vocations of human beings and of the organisations that they create. He needs radical justice extended to mean leadership by the best, based on values capable of putting an end to social and gender inequalities. He needs status based on the appreciation and recognition of man and woman’s creating and transforming power, be it in art, science or the creation of new socio-political systems. He needs a sense of belonging which means a safe space in which each can be himself at the same time as favouring others being their true selves. He needs fulfilment because he searches for and finds truth in freedom and in peace among men. And since the old world is collapsing, at least let’s take advantage of the opportunity to build something better and longer-lasting.

MAT demonstrates (refer to the article “A safe investment”) that 98% of human beings have their backs turned on their true talent and vocation and function at 20% of their innate potential, in other words, the transforming energy that they had when they were a one-day old baby. And it shows how to recover these potentials in a pain-free, calm, pleasant and scientific manner. It proposes that we detect and recover the innate values on which to build the society of the future: A BIO-MANAGEMENT in the image and likeness of its highest potentials and internal values.  


Preciada Azancot


Science is the essence of art and the quintessence of spirituality.

This way the world would be upright. However, when science is based on the belief or dogmatic prejudice that denies the value and the ferment of the certainty of finding truth, as the pure definition of spirituality, and devotes itself to found its false “status of intelligent mind” on denying transcendence as the only purpose of science, it becomes necrophilia. When art develops into a forward escape, cut out from its essential function that is finding the essence of being, creating and growing in the order of creation, that is perfect and of a overawing beauty, and it only shapes the helplessness of a world that rejects the genius because it fears him and directs at him its own schizophrenia separated from the value and the dignity of wanting to be what it IS and from the flowing of life, falls into a mercantilist mimicry and becomes a coarse and perishable, that not philosopher’s, stone. When deep spirituality is absent and it insists in calling God to archaic archetypical myths that fix the power to castrate and to subject the free spirit of human being, asking for incessant proofs and exiling plenitude to an empty heaven always drawing back, falling into obscurantism, into witchcraft that curses itself and into mysterious and hysteric magic that consecrates psychopaths. Then we can surely say that the society is really ill. Moreover, that human being is very lonely.

Since in this congress we look for and rescue the roots, we can find those of modern thought and western civilization in Socrates, father of art, in Plato, father of spirituality, and in Aristotle, father of science. And everything would have gone well if we had not moved away from the need to be authentic, free and have solidarity. Because we would have found the seven dimensions of human, their immediate purposes and their working laws, precise and beautiful, 25 centuries ago. Nevertheless, it is never late for a good start from a scientific vision of human complexity that opens up two universes to access more truth: the first, artistic, arising from science as its only essence that allows it to pass from artistic creation to the objective, measurable, transmittable and universal –so also scientific- world of full spirituality. This quantum leap in the evolution of human thought and analysis could be opened today by MAT, Metamodel of Transformational Analysis.


Preciada Azancot


Talking about the main function of rage, managing a sane body free of lies, as you know it always works in team with its complementary opposite: joy, which allows us to find more truth. I am going to give you, in consecutive parts, a personal contribution to very complex and so far very obscure issues.

When the spirit guides us, we cannot get lost, even with the most complex existential questions a human being can raise. When the existence or the value of spirit is negated, there is no possible light and everything becomes confused, disordered, unattainable, incoherent and with a irritating, if not soporific, formulation. However, the most difficult thing is finding naked truth. Truth has always been looked for following three ways: science, art and spirituality. Three separate and confronted ways that we try to join, reconcile and unify today. Nevertheless, this effort could have an equally frustrating result, since we forget that we are not elemental, but complex, and that we have seven dimensions, and not four as was always believed from Ancient Greeks until MAT arrival, and none of them can live outside truth, not to say confronted to it, in the lie.

We have half of our being –our inner masculine self- that needs to elevate and find more truth, and the other half –our inner feminine self- that needs to anchor in that truth till put it on flesh and so to elevate better, more forcefully and powerfully. It is in the confusion of each half among itself, and even more in the sexist, dogmatic and religious divorce between them, where almost every human misfortune are born.




If rage was that feeling, so widely spread, of resentment, grudge, envy, spite and wish for others harm, it would be an abominable and pathetic emotion that should be definitively crossed off the list of usefulness. However, those despicable feelings are only, in MAT and in real life, false emotions that replace and usurp other healthy emotions. And, like any other thing in life, it is not because a usurper takes a precious word –such as “love” or “security”, or “plenitude”- to cheat its victim before burying the dagger in him that we should renounce to that word and leave it to him (cause that would be grudge). What we must do is cleaning it and giving it its original meaning, and prevent the swindler from using it to usurp our authentic feelings. And, to do that (to rescue and to clean them), we can only make use, among our innate energies –that, as anyone knows from MAT, are our AUTHENTIC EMOTIONS, the only valid energies to behave integrally and with integrity-, of authentic rage, the MAT defines as “our innate capacity to perceive lies, aggressions, manipulations (and other stinks that we “casually” perceive with the only sense related and linked to rage: smell) and to react to them”. And reacting well, with authentic rage, means in MAT to say immediately “Not this way!”, denouncing them, and “That’s the way!” to propose something better, healthier, more healing. That is precious. That is order in motion, ethics becoming living culture.


That is what rage is good for, because authentic rage is that and only that. Cause saying “Not this way!” without proposing immediately other values able to elevate and enlighten us more and better, able to break the chains that bind us to false rancid concepts, is plain demagogy, plain kicking, plain resentment. Worse than that, it is grudge and scorn for else’s intelligence: in short, it is political gossip. Therefore, it is destructive. And not only destructive, but contaminant with these unnatural feelings. We should not accept them, much the less support them, and even less to join them. Cause they leave us not only all alone, but impotent.


Since rage is the root and the basis of our power: the simple and grand dignity of being human. Or a healthy and gregarious animal, cause they also have authentic rage; what they do not have is creator pride to conceive values able to raise flat culture. When we do not use the authentic rage, we put ourselves below animals, so offending them as well –they trust us to guide and protect them.


False and unhealthy rage, when replaces and usurps other authentic emotions, has a first and family name. Let’s forget about family names, since they are many, but let’s pronounce its names: when it replaces fear to hurt, it is called hysteria and bluster; when it replaces sadness of losing something alive, it is resentment, bitterness and revanchism; when it replaces the pride of being and growing, it is frightful envy; when it replaces the love of giving oneself to good, it is grudge and slander; when it replaces the joy of flowing in peace and freedom, it is sacrilege and worship of the evil.


When rage is authentic and speaks for itself, it is spontaneity, justice and healing. It is living and active culture. And political gossip has to fade away in the presence of the civilizator.


Me, even loving politics –understood as vocation of service towards construction in justice and living culture-, have only seen a leader in this country making high politics and, in any case, justice, and always saying the “That’s the way!” after the “Not this way!”, a unique politician that is more than that (since he has a civilizing vocation) and is called Don Juan Carlos 1º, the King of Spain. And I wonder, not even being ideologically monarchic, why precisely now he and the unifying peace he represents, not only in Spain but also internationally, are being attacked.


We might perhaps find, in order to check ourselves a little, some intuition of answer in the functions of the healthy rage. And not only in the abilities that they confer us, but also in their ordinal sequence. We already know, with MAT, that the basic function of rage is JUSTICE, its elevated function is the Corporality and its transcendent function is the Astrality. Leaving aside the latter, that MAT defines as “the always present” –so that we avoid undesirable interlocutors such as sectarians, shamans and other illuminated and gurus that populate everywhere looking for “truth” only in falsehood-, we know that the abilities of the human structure that works with authentic rage, to which we call Vitalizator, are, in this order and sequence:


<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To perceive with our senses, distribute and assign.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To react, vitalize and cure.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To feel.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To mobilize.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To denounce, attack, eradicate.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>To dilute and dissolve.


This way we attain more justice; higher, more vigorous and healthier values. Moreover, an enormous vitality that incites unanimity and feels like a clean smell. Smell of premonition of truth.


However, when the sequence is reversed to manipulate, cheat, usurp and lie, we get to this, very precise and verifiable:


<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Dilutes responsibilities and dissolves truths.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Denounces, attacks and eradicates healthy values.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Mobilizes resentful and spiteful people.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Feels and spreads those monstrous feelings and encourages them.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Reacts and vitalizes the worst: very toxic anti-values that wake up lethal traumas.

<!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>Perceives, distributes and assigns posts to its accomplices to take the power and attack the potency.


This way, people, instead of attaining –as with the first sequence, the healthy one- the pride of being better and growing, fall into the shame and the impotent depression of not having denounced this frightful behavior.


I let you debate with me, dear friends, on this topic, always a current issue in our planet and not less universal.


Yours forever,


Preciada Azancot.

MAT Creator. 

MAT constitutes both a discovery and a creation. It is a fusion of art and science that can establish as the human science of XXI century.

Preciada niña by Preciada Azancot
It constitutes a revolution for every human science: psychology, sociology, management, politics, history, philosophy, medicine, metaphysics, etc.

MAT has been created by Preciada Azancot Medina. Preciada Azancot is an Organizational Engineer, a Doctor in Law, a Master in International Relations and Politics, a Transactional Analyst, a Management Consultant and the President of MAT21; she is also a painter and a writer.

MAT is the history of an early vocation. Being three years old, this girl asked herself: “What do people function the wrong way round for?” and then decided to dedicate all her life to answer that, her existential question. Every child has a question at that age that, not finding an answer around, becomes his existential question. The only merit of this girl is to have devoted her entire life, tenaciously, to respond that question.

Preciada is a Sephardic and belongs to an old and aristocratic family that, expelled from Spain in 1492, established in Morocco. She was born in Fez on March 25th, 1943 and lived in Tangiers with her family until she was nineteen, when she got married and went to live to Rabat. She studied in French colleges and universities. She studied International Law and then two Masters, one in International Relations and the other on Politics, along with a Doctorate in Public International Law. With these studies, Preciada intended to find her answer at a global world scale. He did not find her answer there. So she went to Paris in 1973. There she became an Organizational Engineer and practiced in SERETES, the consulting firm of SERETE, French most important engineering firm. She tried to find her answer studying organizational behavior, but she did not find it there either. So she went to America and chose her father’s land, Venezuela, in 1976. There she invented her profession: Change Process Manager for enterprises and organizations, and began studying Psychology, because she finally understood that the answer should lie in the psychic foundations of people. After five years of study and therapy, she became a Transactional Analysis psychologist (Special Advanced Member of the Latin-American Association of Transactional Analysis). She did not find her answer here either. In the meantime, she worked as a consultant in the field she invented: change processes at important national Banks, with such an impressive and unbelievable results that she attracted the attention of Venezuelan Banking Association and of the consultancy firms working in the country. They asked her what methodology she used in order to achieve such a remarkable results. As Preciada answered that she applied Organizational Development and Transactional Analysis, they got angry, since they claimed to use the same tools and not getting her results. She continued studying and receiving therapy with Gestalt, Jungian Analysis, Bioenergetics, Biodance and Psychoanalysis. She did not find her answer, but her results were still unbelievable. Her consultant colleagues began reproaching her selfishness and secrecy, and that affected her deeply. Instead of studying medicine to look for an answer inside human organism, as she had decided, Preciada resolved study herself to determine what she made to achieve her results as a consultant. She found the answer in one year of self-observation. She shaped her methodology and called it MAT (Metamodel of Transformational Analysis). It was 1981. When she realized the magnitude of her discovery, since it was an exact science applicable to every human science and that revolutionized them all, Preciada got afraid and doubted; she eagerly looked for any possible mistake in her model, investigating on 60.000 cases and not communicating her discoveries to anybody, just in case she was wrong and was to make a fool of herself. She was her cruelest and most relentless enemy. In 1984 she went to Madrid, since she had decided that, if her discoveries were right, Spain should be the first country in the world to receive MAT. By 1986, she not only had not found a single case –either a person or organization– not following MAT laws, but, following her research, she found that MAT was applicable to every human creation: families, companies, organizations, countries and the whole planet. And, also and above all, she discovered, first in herself –since she was always her guinea pig–, and then in her students, that MAT allowed for personal and social growths never achieved before in human history, and that this growth was not random but followed precise universal laws. Meanwhile, she continued achieving astonishing results with her work at Spanish national and multinational companies. She decided to communicate MAT existence in 1987 and then she wrote three books. She founded the MAT Club of Managers at a domestic and almost clandestine scale, teaching MAT to some chosen ones among her own customers. She shyly tried to publish her books, but the few editors she approached answered the same: “This seems to be very important, but we publish books with one or two original ideas, not with two hundred ideas; we don’t have an editorial line for it”. So she archived the manuscripts while continuing her research to localize any possible error. She went on with her job, consulting, always getting incredible results, and with her second profession, painting in oils. She carried out seven individual expositions in Spain, and her painting –transformational expressionism– was also considered revolutionary. For two years, she was investigating at Princess Hospital in Madrid with a full-time dedication and she discovered the emotional causes of such important diseases as cardiopathy, cancer, pneumopathy, neuropathy, glandular diseases, obesity and anorexia, in very precise –and so treatable– dysfunctions in the use of emotions that MAT explains. Doctors who saw the results were enthusiastic, but Preciada could not convince them to study MAT as a medical matter, and not only psychological, and then desisted. Meanwhile, the most important papers and specialized magazines echoed MAT existence, but Preciada still avoided publicity.

In 1992, very irritated because Spain had refused to find the way to recover its plenitude and was frivolously celebrating the Fifth Centenary, she went for three years to Caracas, where the MAT Club of Managers was very successful, even though it was only spread by word of mouth, as she desired. In 1996 she came back to Spain and continued with her consulting work, always with the same results. By 2001, while she carried on her investigations, she had reached 120.000 cases without a single one not following MAT laws and principles. More importantly, her research took her to results that set a milestone in the history of the civilization of our planet.

Up until here goes the story; in 2003 her partners and she founded MAT21 and decided to publish the books and to diffuse MAT.

Joaquin Rodrigo by Preciada Azancot

MAT –Metamodel of Transformational Analysis is a science that explains how do we function as human beings, and that can be applied to an individual person or to any organization created and formed by people: a family, a company, a nation…

MAT has been created by Preciada Azancot, and it is now brought to light after more than 20 years of researching and corroborating its scientific nature.

MAT answers the basic questions of life: what do we make, how, why do we make it, when, what for, where.

This way, it helps us to understand everything that has happened in our lives so far, and also what is happening to us now, everyday. It provides us with a more detailed self-knowledge than we never had before –or even thought it was possible– and from there shows us how to improve and grow. It helps us also to know the others, to better communicate with them and to establish more fruitful and gratifying relations.

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  1. De ‘nicklejo’
    Bonjour Preciada, Ca va ?
    J’espère que vous resterez en contact et si vous avez une exposition de votre travail en Angleterre vous me direz.
    Je parle aussi à Maclade, un autre peintre de portrait, peut-être vous la connaissez.
    Le vôtre

  2. Please contact us as it seems we have similar interests in science and art.

  3. Hola,
    quisiera saber donde se puede encontrar el original del retrato de Chagall en esta pagina. Si lo pinto chagall o no, que tamanio, un sitio web donde describen la pintura. gracias.

    jose lehmani

  4. Preciada, I tried to send an e-mail. The old address did not work. please write to me. I want to send you the Bach recording and iBooks!



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